Benghazi University Junior Enterprise initiative to link students with business

By Sami Zaptia.

Benghazi University has launched its Junior Enterprise initiative linking students with business (Photo: Benghazi University).

London, 5 May 2021:  

The International Cooperation Office at the University of Benghazi announced yesterday the opening of registration for students of the university in the Junior Enterprise initiative.

Junior Enterprise is a non-profit initiative founded and managed by university students, where a team consisting of 5-8 male and female students forms what is known as the founding team, which runs Junior Enterprise like any real company, but within the university where they study.

The University reported that the founding team seeks to establish partnerships between their institution and the companies operating in the market as they seek to create opportunities for students studying at the university to provide their services in the market to these companies.

The University reported that it is an opportunity for students to learn by doing, enabling them to learn more about themselves and what they desire in their careers and equipping them with operational skills such as management, leadership, marketing and sales.

The main objective is to enhance the skills of founding members in how to establish and manage companies, while students who provide their services to companies have practical experiences in their field of study.

Junior Enterprise enhances entrepreneurial skills and contributes to bridging the gap between educational institutions and the job market and qualifying students more willing to work after study.

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