LIA assets valued at US$ 68 billion

By Sami Zaptia.

The LIA announced the value of its assets for 2019 (Photo: LIA).

London, 7 May 2021:  

The final results of the assessment of the assets of the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) for 2019 were US$ 68.4 billion.

The announcement was made during a ceremony on Wednesday attended by prime minister Aldabaiba, Central Bank Governor Sadek El-Kaber and LIA chairman Ali Mahmoud.

The assessment was carried out by the international accounting and auditing company Deloitte and the valuation includes cash and its equivalents, investment portfolios, corporate assets, real estate and other budget items.

In the data published, the value of the item “cash and cash equivalents” amounted to about US$ 33.5 billion, or 48.9 percent of the total of the LIA’s assets, while the value of the institution’s investment portfolios amounted to about US$ 20.1 billion, or 29.4percent, and corporate and real estate assets amounted to about US$ 11.4 billion, or 16.7 percent. The value of “other budget items’’ amounted to about US$ 3.4 billion or 5 percent.

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