Mine and remnants of war clearing at Tripoli International Airport to precede construction process after Ramadan

By Sami Zaptia.

Mine and remnants of war clearance to start at Tripoli Airport ahead of the start of reconstruction (Photo: LAA).

London, 9 May 2021:  

Surveying and clearance of mines and remnants of war at Tripoli International Airport was announced at a ceremony yesterday. This phase will start after the end of Ramadan and will precede the start of the reconstruction phase, Libya’s Airports Authority (LAA) announced yesterday.

During a tour of the site by multiple stakeholders, the work plan was reviewed and the mechanism for its implementation was explained by specialists from the Military Engineering Department. The LAA reported that the time required to complete its work was clarified. This would enable the Ministry of Transportation to give permission to companies to return and start implementing concluded contracts.

These include the construction of the passenger terminal, maintenance of the helipad, aircraft parking area, maintenance and equipping of the air traffic control tower, and other complementary projects necessary to operate the airport.

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