Libya calls for unified international community position on Roadmap and ceasefire

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 12 May 2021:  

In its first official comment on the appointment of U.S. Ambassador as Special Envoy for Libya, Libya’s Foreign Ministry welcomed the move but called for effective support from the international community on the country’s Roadmap and ceasefire.

In its statement it said:

‘‘Libya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has been informed of the contents of the statement issued by the State Department of the United States of America on Monday, 10 May, regarding the appointment of Mr. Richard Norland as a Special Envoy in addition to his duties as head of the diplomatic mission accredited to the state of Libya.

While appreciating his efforts and his esteemed government in reaching a political settlement to the Libyan crisis, the Ministry shares the vision of the importance of a unified position for the international community that effectively supports the ongoing political process, especially the optimal implementation of the Road Map and the ceasefire agreement, leading to transparent and fair presidential and parliamentary elections. And in conditions of security and stability’’.


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