Parliament only partially approves 2021 budget, calls Finance Minister for questioning, creates committee to study amended budget

By Sami Zaptia.

(Logo: Tobruk HoR).

London, 25 May 2021:

Libya’s parliament (the House of Representatives – HoR) only approved Chapter one (salaries) of the amended 2021 budget during its session yesterday.

According to its Official Spokesperson, Abdalla Belheeg, ‘‘more than a 100’’ members attended yesterday’s session which was officially devoted to two items: the amended 2021 budget and the state’s Sovereign Positions.

Belheeg said members received (with little notice) Abd Alhamid Aldabaiba’s Government response to parliament’s report on the initial budget and after deliberations, parliament decided:

1-Approval chapter 1 (salaries) of the amended 2021 budget if it includes laws passed by parliament such as Law No. (4) of 2018 on increasing the salaries of teachers, the law on the police, the universities law and a number of laws issued by it with regard to adjusting the salaries of a number of agencies, including the salaries of retired people in addition to those who were recently appointed.

Belheeg said it is hoped that during the questioning of the Minister of Finance ‘‘appropriate solutions for the rest of the (budget) items that are still under discussion’’ could be found.

2-Regarding the Sovereign Positions, the Spokesperson explained that next week an official response will have been received by parliament so that there will be action on this item.

Belheeg reported that in yesterday’s session the Legislative Committee confirmed the need to expedite the completion of the salary amendment law for employees.

Yesterday’s session also approved the support of the High National Elections Commission (HNEC) in order to fulfil the electoral due date on 24 December of this year, in addition to allocating a budget for the Libyan Armed Forces.

Belheeg confirmed that the session was suspended until today.


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