Conference on Food and Nutrition stresses strategic importance of food production

By Sami Zaptia.

The First International Conference on Food and Nutrition stressed the strategic importance of local food production (Photo: ICFN).

London, 15 June 2021:

The First International Conference on Food and Nutrition (12-14 June) and the accompanying exhibition under the slogan “Food Production and Processing – Quality and Nutritional Value” opened at the Tajura Industrial Research Centre, Tripoli on Saturday.

The event was organized by the Libyan Authority for Scientific Research.

Opening the event, Faisal Abdul-Adheem Al-Abdali, Director General of the Libyan Authority for Scientific Research said the event was important as it is related directly to human health. He stressed the need to pay attention to preparing well-qualified cadres so that they can perform efficiently and effectively, as well as encouraging food manufacturing because of its strategic and economic importance. It also supports and encourages conducting scientific and applied research in this field.

Mohamed El-Deeb, head of the Libyan Export Promotion Centre (LEPC), stressed in his speech the interest of the Ministry of Economy and Trade through the LEPC in participating and supporting conferences concerned with consumer protection and its efforts to raise the quality of local products and follow up on the supplied goods and services and their compliance with the approved specifications and standards in coordination with legislative, supervisory and regulatory authorities.

He also urged the participants to put forward ideas and proposals that would support the competent authorities in achieving food safety for the consumer and to reach results and recommendations that contribute to the development of the food industries.


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