French company Sedam discusses major overhaul of Tobruk desalination plant

By Sami Zaptia.

Tobruk Municipality talks to French company about major overhaul of its desalination plant (Photo: Tobruk Municipality).

London, 15 June 2021:

Municipality of Tobruk Steering Committee head Faraj Boualkhatbeya held a meeting in his office with Oliver Neroy, director of French company Sedam, last Saturday to discuss a major overhaul of the city’s water desalination plant.

The Municipality reported that the meeting came at the invitation of the Minister of Water Resources, Tarek Bouflika, to provide all possibilities of support for this important project to maintain the station and provide drinking water.

The meeting discussed studying the conduct of a major overhaul, the rescheduling of orders and the priorities of spare parts according to the current status of the plant and assessing and determining the financial value required to perform the overhaul.

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