Interior Minister discusses with Turkish ambassador visas, entry procedure, resumption of Turkish airways flights to Libya and increased security cooperation

By Sami Zaptia.

Interior Minister Mazen meets Turkish ambassador Kenan Yilmaz to discuss visas, resumption of Turkish flights and security cooperation (Photo: Interior Ministry).

London, 16 June 2021:

Libyan Interior Minister Khaled Mazen met Turkish Ambassador Kenan Yilmaz today.

In a short statement, the Ministry reported that several important issues were discussed during the meeting, including:

  • Removing the need for Turkish visa for Libyan citizens.
  • Facilitating the entry movement between the citizens of the two countries.
  • The speedy issuance of visas for Libyan citizens.
  • The possibility of resuming Turkish Airlines flights to Libya.

The Turkish embassy’s report of the meeting, on the other hand, said they discussed the follow-up to the topics that were addressed during the visit of Turkey’s high-level delegation to Tripoli on 12 June, which also included Turkish Minister of Interior, and ‘‘the opportunities to transfer  bilateral cooperation in the security field to more advanced levels.’’

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