NOC discusses with Russia’s Tatneft production development, refining, capacity building and renewables

By Sami Zaptia.

NOC discusses with Russia’s Tatneft production development, refining, capacity building and renewables (Photo: NOC).

London, 17 June 2021:

A high-level delegation from Russian Tatneft Company, headed by CEO Neil Maganov, met National Oil Corporation (NOC) chairman Mustafa Sanalla and his team on Tuesday at the NOC’s Tripoli headquarters.

In welcoming the delegation, Sanalla stressed the importance of this visit for conveying a message to the international community about the return of stability to Libya and Tatneft’s endeavour to resume its activities in the exploration blocks granted to it through previous contracting rounds.

Developing exploration blocks

During the meeting, a number of important topics were discussed, most notably the consolidation of means of joint cooperation between the two sides, and the resumption of Tatneft’s operations to develop the two exploration blocks in the Ghadames and Sirte basins (4/82-69).

Capacity building

Capacity building and training of graduates of the Oil Institute were also discussed in detail. It was also agreed to hold workshops and continuous interview meetings between the two sides, to raise the efficiency of engineers and technicians in the NOC’s technical departments – to benefit from Tatneft’s great experience especially in the field of dual production.

Refining and renewables

The attendees also discussed the capabilities of Tatneft in the field of refining and manufacturing and its contribution to participate in this vital field. The contribution of Tatneft in bringing renewable energy technology to the Libyan oil sector and benefiting from its great experience in this field was also discussed.

The discussions on renewables, the NOC said, come in light of its future plans in the coming years and its effort to transform its operations to generating electric power through the use of renewable and clean energies in order to preserve the environment and to keep pace with the progress of developed countries at the international level.

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