Saleh insists HoR has constitutional basis and necessary laws to hold 24 December elections on time

By Sami Zaptia.

(Logo: Tobruk HoR).

London, 22 June 2021:

House of Representatives (HoR) head Ageela Saleh reiterated his belief that the HoR ‘‘has the constitutional base and the necessary laws to conduct the elections on the specified date.’’

The statement came during his meeting Sunday with participants of the Forum of blocs and political currents whose final statement was issued on Saturday in the city of Benghazi. During the meeting Saleh listened to the demands and legal proposals submitted by the participants in the forum, expressing his welcome to the statement issued by the Forum of blocs and political currents that participated. There were 15 blocs and political currents from all regions of Libya that participated.

Saleh stressed the necessity of holding direct presidential and parliamentary elections on the scheduled date of 24 December 2021.

He also made it clear that the direct election of the president by the Libyan people will contribute to resolving the crisis in Libya.


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