Italy to open honorary consulate in south, start granting visas in Benghazi and restore direct flights to Libya by autumn: LBC

By Sami Zaptia.

(Logo: LBC).

London, 14 July 2021:

Italy is planning to open an honorary consulate in the south of Libya to support economic sectors and activities there, start granting visas and providing consular services from its consulate in Benghazi, and restore direct flights with Libya this autumn.

The revelation was reported by the Libyan Business Council (LBC) after its meeting with Italian Ambassador Giuseppe Grimaldi in Tripoli yesterday.

During the meeting, the LBC presented several topics related to sustainable development projects in the southern region, commercial and economic activities in the eastern region, the promotion of trade exchange between Italy and Libya, and mechanisms to facilitate the movement of business owners.

The LBC also made a presentation on its digital business platform project that it is establishing in cooperation with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the extent of the importance of this platform in building an effective partnership between the public and private sectors and providing services to domestic and international investors and business owners.

A project for the reconstruction of Libya from the point of view of business owners and its impact on improving the economic situation in general, was also presented by the LBC. This would provide jobs and employment for youth and establish infrastructure according to an organized mechanism, with the efforts of the private sector and the support of friendly countries.

The meeting also dealt with several obstacles facing commercial movement between Libya and Italy, whether at the level of supplies or granting visas and practical proposals to overcome them.

Ambassador Grimaldi, according to the LBC, welcomed all the ideas presented and the proposals submitted by the LBC.

It was agreed to hold a separate meeting with the Commercial Consul to discuss them in preparation for the development of a memorandum of understanding related to facilitating the movement of LBC members.

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