Hafter calls on Aldabaiba government to implement the Berlin Agreement in full

By Sami Zaptia.

LNA Official Spokesperson Ahmed Mesmari (Photo: Archives from LANA)

London, 15 July 2021:

Ahead of Prime Minister Abd Alhamid Aldabiaba attending the UN Security Council’s session today, Ahmed Mesmari, the the Official Spokesperson of the General Command, representing Khalifa Hafter and his Libyan National Army, called on the Libyan government and Presidency Council to:

  • Implement the Berlin Agreement


  • Expel all mercenaries and regular forces before the elections.


  • Reject any selective proposal allowing for a foreign force (Turkish) to remain in Libya on the pretext that there are agreements concluded with an authority (the Serraj administration) that lacked legitimacy (as it had not been endorsed by the House of Representatives).


  • The need to propose a serious national vision to dissolve the “militias” and collect their weapons and integrate them.

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