Turkish exports to Libya reach US$ 1.2 bn – up by 72.3 percent to June

By Sami Zaptia.

Murtaza Karanfil head of the Turkish Libyan Business Council (Photo: Karanfil Group).

London, 15 July 2021:

Mortaza Karanfil, head of the Turkish-Libyan Business Council of the Foreign Economic Relations Committee “DEIK”, said that the value of Turkish exports to Libya amounted to 1.195 billion dollars up to end of June this year.

In an interview with Turkish Anatolia News Agancy, Karanfil indicated that Turkish exports recorded an increase of 103.2 percent last June, with a value of US$ 213 million.

He explained that exports are expected to set a new record by the end of this year, exceeding the current record of US$ 3.13 billion.

Karanfil said the increase in the pace of trade came with the formation of the new unity Libyan government in Libya under Abd Alhamid Aldabaiba, pointing out that he had conducted visits to Libya with the aim of pushing bilateral trade and economic relations to higher levels.

In this context, he added that he met several high-ranking Libyan officials during his recent visit to the country and that Libya needs investment in all fields, calling on Turkish businesses to invest in the country.


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