Attorney General files cases against 55 IS members arrested in Sirte for 771 murders and 4,919 attempted murders

By Sami Zaptia.

The Attorney General / Public Prosecutor’s Office is charging 54 IS members for hundreds of murders and thousands of attempted murders in and around Sirte (Logo: AG/PPO).

London, 19 July 2021:

Libya’s Attorney General announced files criminal cases accusing 54 IS members arrested in Sirte and its surroundings.

The various charges include participating in the killing of 771 victims and attempting to kill 4,919 victims. They also include the bombing of government headquarters and buildings and security points, the disruption and sabotage of oil fields and ports, kidnapping and the denial of freedom.

The Attorney General has set a session on 27 July to present the papers to the accusation chamber to consider referring the papers to the Criminal Court to try the accused in accordance with the indictment.

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