Economic Working Group urges Libyan stakeholders to find compromise solutions on stalled 2021 budget, progressing unification and provide urgent services to Libyans

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 27 July 2021:

UNSMIL reported today that the Economic Working Group (EWG) Co-Chairs, represented by UNSMIL Coordinator Raisedon Zenenga, EU Ambassador Jose Sabadell, US Special Envoy, and Ambassador Richard Norland, and Egyptian Ambassador Sarwat Selim, met yesterday with Prime Minister Abd Alhamid Aldabaiba and representatives from the Government of National Unity, the House of Representatives and the Central Bank of Libya to discuss the budget impasse and explore options to address the country’s pressing needs.

The EWG Co-Chairs, UNSMIL reported, encouraged the Government of National Unity, the House of Representatives, and other Libyan actors to find realistic compromise solutions and lay the groundwork for measures to advance the unification of the country and provide services to the Libyan people.

The Co-Chairs noted that making progress on the budget can serve as a significant step toward additional political compromise and consensus that is urgently needed at this stage of the political process.  They reiterated the support of the international community to help advance these efforts.

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