Violent militia fighting erupted on Zawia-Maya coastal road brought to end today: Interior Ministry

By Sami Zaptia.

Libya’s Interior Ministry reported today that yesterday’s militia clashes have been resolved and order has been restored (Photo: Interior Ministry).

London, 30 July 2021:

The violent clashes that erupted yesterday at a checkpoint on the main coastal road between Zawia and Al-Maya between two militias have come to an end, the Interior Ministry stated today.

The clashes were reported to be between the militia headed by Mohamed Bahrun, nicknamed “The Mouse” from Zawia, and the β€˜β€˜55’’ militia. Initial reports say the clash was reportedly over a stolen car.

The government narrative

Militia clashes are very embarrassing for Libyan governments ever since the 2011 revolution. They show up the government of the day as out of control and reinforce the fact that it does not have a monopoly on the use of force. They also show it as being reactive after the event as opposed to being ahead of the security curve and proactive.

The Aldabaiba Ministry of Interior spun an understated tone of the clashes without referring to militias or fighting. β€˜β€˜With reference to the events that took place yesterday evening, Thursday, at the eastern entrance to the city of Al-Zawia, andΒ  with the direct intervention of the Minister of the Interior, the situation was calmed down, the problems were resolved, and the General Administration of Central Support branch in Zawia was assigned the tasks of securing the Al-Fursan Gate east of Al-Zawia city and preventing any security breaches.’’, the Interior Ministry stated today.

β€˜β€˜The Minister extends his thanks and appreciation to all those who contributed to settling the dispute by notables and dignitaries of the Zawia municipality and all security agencies and putting the national interest above any considerations.’’, it concluded.

GECOL reports damage to electricity supply

Meanwhile, the General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) announced the loss of 300 megawatts of generation as a direct result of the clashes.

It stated that 3 units of the Zawia Power Station were hit by live bullets, stressing that this will lead to an increase in power cuts.

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