Man-Made River demands security and funding to prevent complete loss of water supply

By Sami Zaptia.

Following the ”terror” sabotage of one of its stations, the Man-Made River Authority is calling for security and funding to avoid a complete cut off of water supply(Photo: MMR).

London, 2 August 2021:

Following on from Thursday’s deliberate act of ‘‘terror’’ sabotage which blew up the Man-Made River’s (MMR) station 353 of the eastern route (Al-Hasawna system – Al-Jafara Plain) feeding system near Shewerif Municipality, the MMR issued an official statement yesterday.

In the statement the MMR demanded that Libya’s legislative and executive state institutions assume their responsibilities before the people in providing protection for the project and its facilities spread across the lands.

It also called for the need to “provide material support to the agency by releasing its (funding) entitlements guaranteed by law to enable it to confront technical challenges in order to preserve the continuity of water flow and achieve water security for the state in order to prevent matters from deteriorating to the point of stopping the water supply from the project permanently.”

In its statement the MMR added that the simultaneous attacks and almost daily acts of sabotage on its wells is “distracting the efforts of the entity, confusing its work and draining its limited resources, which threatens to cut off the water supply from the Al-Hasawna wells field to the capital, Tripoli, and the entire region of the Jafara Plain and the Western Mountain, in addition to increasing the delay in completing emergency repair work.’’


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