PPP activated between Libya’s Health Ministry and Libya’s private sector in cardiology

By Sami Zaptia.

Logo: Libya’s Ministry of Health.

London, 13 August 2021:

The Minister of Health announces the activation of agreements to localize treatment in the field of open-heart surgery.

Within the framework of the Ministry of Health’s plan to localize treatment inside, Health Minister Ali Zanati, announced on Thursday the activation of agreements to localize treatment in the field of open-heart surgery, and diagnostic and therapeutic catheterization, after signing contracts for partnership between the public and private sectors in the field of cardiology.

The agreements will include the Cardiology Department at Tripoli University Hospital, the Cardiology Centre in Benghazi, the Cardiology Department in Misrata, and the Department of Cardiology at Sebha Medical Hospital.

The Health Ministry said that agreements in the field of neurosurgery (adults and children) have also been activated, and PPP agreements for heart operations for children will also be activated soon.

The Ministry explained that a further advantage of localizing treatment is the ability to train the next generation of cadres for the future locally.

Localization will also provide convenience and save Libyan citizens the costs of seeking these complex and expensive treatments abroad – as the Libyan state will continue to provide them for free.

The Minister explained that these agreements are the real partnership between the two sectors, in order to improve the quality of medical services provided to the citizen.

It also revealed that last year 280 heart operations and 1,500 catherizations took place at Tripoli University Hospital alone.

HoR Health Committee meets to discuss pricing mechanisms for PPPPservice purchasing policy

The announcement of activation of PPP agreements between the Libyan Health Ministry and the country’s private sector came on the same day as the House of Representatives’ (HoR) Health Committee that oversees the localization of treatment file, met at the HoR’s Tripoli branch.

They met with the Minister of Economy, Mohamed Hwej, the Health Services Pricing Committee of the Ministry Economy, the Chairman of the Health Insurance Fund Management Committee, the Director General of the National Centre for Accreditation of Health Institutions, the Health Sector Officer at the Audit Bureau, and the head and members of the Federation of Private Clinics.

The meeting discussed the mechanisms used for pricing health services, the criteria adopted in this pricing, and the need to expedite the completion of the work of the relevant committee, because this step is of paramount importance in adopting a service purchase policy that enables the health sector to harness all national capabilities to localize treatment at home, the HoR reported.

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