Training for 200 former militias in Misrata and Zintan with grant of up to LD 10,000 launched

By Sami Zaptia.

EULEAD is funding the training of 200 former militias in Misrata and Zintan (Logo: EULEAD).

London, 19 August 2021:

A call for proposals opened yesterday until 23 August to offer renewed professional perspectives to ex-combatant militias based in Misrata and Zintan. The programme is called Mouta’alleq.

The implementers said ex-combatants willing to change their lives and engage in a new career path can apply following this link: yqRzPVXC0JPEN0kCsi_wcxYi5maaM62dlnQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

They informed that applications will be received and handled through a transparent selection process: profiles will be selected according to the age, employment status and disabilities or injuries caused by armed conflicts. These selection criteria serve to benefit those in major difficulties and out of the job market.

The selected candidates will benefit from:

  • Four-months training and support to open their business or find technical jobs in their cities.
  • Technical and vocational training, entrepreneurship and tech-oriented courses and psychological support.
  • Financial support up to LD 10,000 will be granted to the most promising entrepreneurial projects.

The Mouta’alleq programme is part of EU-Libya Expertise, Analysis and Deployment (EULEAD), a European-Union funded facility to support Libyans recovering from fighting in various fields.

EULEAD plans to have 200 combatants benefit from vocational training, find or create jobs, and thus contribute to Libya’s economic recovery.

To achieve this objective, EULEAD through its implementers B&S Europe and Super Novae, will work closely with Misrata and Zintan Municipalities and Chambers of Commerce to maintain links with local companies looking for specific skills.

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