Voter registration website for Libyans abroad activated, Foreign Ministry calls on them to participate in the next election

By Sami Zaptia.

Libya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs invites citizens to register on the electoral roll for the planned 24 December elections on the website activated by HNEC as of yesterday 6pm (Photo: MFA).

London, 19 August 2021:

The voter registration website for Libyans abroad has been activated. Libya’s High National Elections Commission (HNEC) said it would be activated at 6 pm Libya time yesterday.

Today, Libya Herald tested the website, and it was working. Those who want to register must have their National ID Number, a functioning mobile number to receive a one-time code and an active email address.

Yesterday, HNEC ended new voter registration within Libya.

Celebrating the start of overseas voter registration yesterday, Libya’s Foreign Ministry called on the Libyan community residing abroad to take the initiative in registering in preparation for the upcoming democratic elections, and confirmed that, through its diplomatic missions abroad, and in cooperation with the HNEC, it will provide all the necessary facilities to ensure the participation of the Libyan community abroad in this democratic election (planned for 24 December 2021).

Libyans residing abroad wishing to register, and who have not registered previously, should click on the following link:

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