New one million annual ton cement factory to be constructed near Tobruk

By Sami Zaptia.

A new cement factory to be established near Tobruk (Photo: Mining Corporation).

London, 11 September 2021:

The Minister of Industry and Minerals, Ahmed Abuhisa, laid the foundation stone on Thursday for the establishment of a cement factory located on the road linking the cities of Tobruk and Jaghboub.

The National Mining Corporation and Al-Shahba Cement Company signed an agreement to establish a factory in the Al-Shahba area, south of Tobruk, with a production capacity of one million tons annually.

This step comes within the Ministry’s plan to localize industry in the country, provide job opportunities for young people and create spatial development in various regions, including the Al-Shahba area.

Al-Shahba, which is about 100 km from the city of Tobruk, lacks paved roads and electricity still does not reach some of its residents. It also suffers from water scarcity and the loss of public services.

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