US$ 111 bn cost of Libya’s reconstruction over next 10 years

By Sami Zaptia.


London, 11 September 2021:

Libya’s State Minister for Economic Affairs, Salama Al-Ghwel, expected that the value of the financing required for the reconstruction of Libya would reach about 500 billion dinars (equivalent to 111 billion dollars) during the next ten years.

Speaking to Bloomberg (Arabic service), Al-Ghwel, said that the main sources of funding for the reconstruction of the country would be the state, in addition to development partners from international institutions, as well as the private sector.

Al-Ghwael stressed that the Libyan government is determined to benefit from global experiences in the field of reconstruction, and to include important countries with pioneering experiences, noting that the Egyptian experience is in the mind of the Libyan government in order to achieve development.

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