French committee to inspect Mitiga, Misrata and Benina airports with view to resuming flights: French Ambassador Beatrice du Hellen

By Sami Zaptia.

(Photo: Ministry of Economy).

London, 23 September 2021:

A French technical committee will inspect Tripoli’s Mitiga, Misrata and Benghazi’s Benina airports with a view to resuming flights, French Ambassador Beatrice le Fraper du Hellen was quoted as saying by the Libyan Ministry of Economy and Trade.

The announcement was made during her meeting with Libya’s Deputy Minister of Economy and Trade for Commercial Affairs, Suhail Abushiha, on Tuesday at the Ministry’s headquarters. The statement did not specify when this inspection committee will arrive.

The Ministry of Economy and Trade said the meeting came ​​in the context of activating and developing economic and commercial cooperation between the two countries.

The Ministry also stated that the French Ambassador expressed the French government’s readiness to provide support to the Libyan Government of National Unity at all levels and said she sought to resume her work in her embassy in Tripoli as soon as possible.

She said she looked forward to cooperation with Libya in the fields of economy and trade and the creation of an exemplary economic partnership, stressing the desire of French companies to invest in Libya in the fields of:

  • Energy
  • free zones
  • Providing support to the health sector
  • To the transportation sector
  • To the development sector

It will be recalled that TunisAir and the Malta-based Medavia are the only two foreign-based airliners flying into Libya. Libya has flights to Tunis, Sfax, Djerba, Malta, Istanbul, Alexandria and Cairo – with the chartered flight to Malta the only direct flight between Libya and the EU.


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