In response to Aldabaiba’s Marriage Allowance, HoR grants each Libyan family LD 50,000 – excluding recipients of marriage allowance

By Sami Zaptia.

(Logo: Tobruk HoR).

London, 11 October 2021:

In its session today, Libya’s parliament, the House of Representatives (HoR), passed a law granting every Libyan family a LD 50,000 allowance. The Family Allowance is a political reaction by the HoR to Prime Minister Aldabaiba’s Marriage Allowance and Youth Grants/loans.

Revealing the deliberations and decisions of the HoR in its Tobruk closed session today, HoR Official Spokesperson Abdalla Belheeg said:

1- Based on the letter received from the High National Elections Commission (HNEC) last Thursday to  the HoR, reaffirming once again HNEC’s request to the HoR to amend the received presidential election law and the parliamentary election law so that HNEC’s regulations and executive procedures for conducting the elections do not become subject to legal appeal;

a/ The House of Representatives voted to accept the HNEC amendments regarding Law No. 01 of 2021 regarding the election of the president, with the exception of the sixth point regarding adding an article to the law.

b/ The House of Representatives voted to accept the HNEC amendments regarding Law No. 02 of 2021 regarding the parliamentary election, with the exception of point No. 4 regarding amending Article 24 of the law to allow voting by correspondence.

2- The HoR voted unanimously on a draft law amending the provisions of the law establishing the Libyan News Agency.

3- The HoR voted unanimously on the draft law to protect the Man-Made River Project.

4- Discussing the memorandum submitted by the Association of Libyan Parties regarding the electoral laws, it was emphasized that the electoral laws will remain in accordance with what was approved by the HoR.

The session was suspended until tomorrow, Tuesday.

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