Banks will offer leasing loans to all Libyans to be guaranteed by the government: Aldabaiba

By Sami Zaptia.

Aldabaiba said banks will be offering leasing loans to all Libyans which will be guaranteed by the government (Photo: GNU).

London, 13 October 2021:

Speaking at a reconciliation gathering of eastern notables and tribal leaders gathered in Tripoli Monday, Prime Minister Abd Alhamid Aldabaiba said loans will be offered through leasing to all Libyans through banks.

He was responding to speakers’ demands that other demographics besides youth are offered grants in line with the controversial Marriage Grant his government is disbursing.

Marriage Grant to continue beyond his government’s lifetime

The Prime Minister said that the Marriage Grants should continue beyond his government’s lifetime.

Leasing loans

Aldabaiba said the leasing loans will finance SMEs and business ventures. The leasing company will help with feasibility studies, and it will initially own any equipment or machinery purchased for projects which can be paid for over time. The government will act as the guarantor for the leasing loans.


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