Travellers into Tunisia no longer need PCR test if they have had their jabs

By Sami Zaptia.

(Crossed Flags Pin).

London, 14 October 2021:

The Tunisian Heath Ministry announced yesterday that travellers into Tunisia no longer need to have a 72-hour negative PCR test before entering the country – so long as they have evidence of having had their anti-Coronavirus vaccinations no less than 14 days old.

Tunis and Istanbul are the two main transit points in and out of Libya for most Libyans travelling by air.

Travellers must complete the online form and have the vaccination proof electronically. Those who have not had their jabs or fail a PCR test will be quarantined in hotels selected by the state for 7 days.

Several Libyan travellers had complained that they had been delayed at Tunis Carthage airport as their paper vaccination certificates were queried.

Moreover, most Libyans have not had their first jab let alone their second which has resulted in reduced volumes of Libyans travelling to Tunisia.

The new rules are effective 72 hours after their announcement.

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