Zliten fish canning factory to open within 11 months

By Sami Zaptia.

The Zliten fish canning factory will go into production within 11 months the Municipality reports (Zliten Municipality).

London, 14 October 2021:

Zliten Municipality announced yesterday that its fish canning factory (fish cannery) will go into production within the next 11 months.

Abdullah Hammadi, Director of the Fish Cannery explained that the total area of ​​the factory is about 4 hectares and includes an administrative building, oil tanks, a laboratory, and toilets. It also contains several production lines, including a line for filling and sealing cans of 160g and 185g.

The plant has a production capacity of about 600 cans per minute, as well as a line for filling and sealing large cans from 1,000 g to 2,500 g, in addition to a production and packing line for sardines with a capacity of 60 cans per minute.

Hammadi further stressed that the majority of the machines in the factory were maintained using Libyan cadres.

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