PIB meets Japanese companies interested in investing in various sectors

By Sami Zaptia.

Tripoli, 27 October 2021:

The head of the Privatization and Investment Board (PIB) met at its Tripoli headquarters last Sunday with a Japanese delegation representing a group of major companies interested in investing in several areas.

These included recycling waste in a modern way, establishing various industries, investing in medical fields, medical equipment, manufacturing medicines, managing hospitals, providing consultations, training, and others.

The two sides discussed the available investment opportunities that serve the Libyan state in these important areas and making optimal use of them.

The head of the PIB expressed the welcome and full cooperation of the PIB in preparing all means for the success of such cooperation and future investments, with reliable and experienced companies in their field.

The Japanese delegation, in turn, expressed its full readiness for joint cooperation between the two countries, and their desire and interest in establishing investment projects in Libya, in light of the availability of opportunities that are commensurate with what is offered by the group of Japanese companies.

Coordination was also made with the Japanese side to send a high-level delegation next month to visit and survey and agree on the establishment of a number of large investment projects, which in turn will constitute a major qualitative leap in the field of Libyan investment, support the majority of sectors, contribute significantly to the localization of advanced technology, and advance the field Investment in Libya towards diverse and new horizons of investments.

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