UN Security Council adds Libyan manager of Zawia migrant detention centre to sanctions list

By Sami Zaptia.

UN Security Council (Photo: From UN archives)

Tripoli, 27 October 2021:

The UN Security Council announced Monday that it has added Libyan national Osama Al Kuni Ibrahim to its sanctions list.

In its press statement, the UNSC said Ibrahim was being sanctioned for his de facto role as manager of the Al-Nasr Detention Centre in Zawia.

Specifically, he is being sanctioned for ‘‘directly, and/or through subordinates engaged in or provided support to acts that violate applicable international human rights law, or acts that constitute human rights abuses in Libya.

The Person concerned has acted for or on behalf of or at the direction of two listed individuals intrinsically linked to the human trafficking activities of the Zawia network, namely Mohamed Kashlaf (LYi.025) and Abdulrahman al Milad (LYi.026).  Listed pursuant to paragraphs 15 and 17 of resolution 1970 (Travel Ban, Asset Freeze).’’

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