University lecturers to hold protest for late payment of salaries

By Sami Zaptia.

The University of Tripoli

Tripoli, 27 October 2021:

Teaching staff and academics at Tripoli University are holding a protest today calling on the government to pay them their overdue salaries and for research work.

They are currently on strike with the university closed.

‘‘We have the right to save the position of higher education’’ their union posted on their official social media page.

Prime Minister has set an inflationary and escalatory precedent by raising the salaries of some sectors. This is leading to a domino effect with other sectors asking ‘‘what about us’’.

Equally, by offering grants for marriage and families he has signalled that the Libyan government has the money. This has raised expectations in all sectors of pay rises, especially after the devaluation of the dinar which has raised the cost of living across the board.

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