LBC holds new round of talks with Italian embassy on easing trade and travel for business leaders

By Sami Zaptia.

(Photo: LBC)

Tripoli, 20 November 2021:

Members of the Board of Directors of the Libyan Business Council (LBC), including its head Abdalla Fellah, met with both the Italian consul and trade advisor at a meeting at Tripoli’s Bab al-Bahr Hotel last Tuesday.

The LBC reported that the meeting came as part of its efforts to facilitate the movement of Libyan business leaders to and from Europe and ease visa procedures. It reported that the two sides agreed to cooperate to overcome the difficulties faced by business leaders in both countries, whether in terms of obtaining visas or supply and trade.

At the meeting, LBC head Fellah presented several proposals related to activating this cooperation and stressed the LBC’s readiness to provide all possible assistance to any Italian delegations or business leaders wishing to visit Libya to discuss investment opportunities.

The movement of business leaders and their impact on the volume of trade between the two countries and the importance of Italian participation in the reconstruction of Libya were discussed.

The head of the LBC’s eastern region branch, Fawzia Furjani proposed the establishment of a joint Libyan-Italian business council and invited Italian companies to invest in the eastern region and southern Libya.

The LBC reported that the Italian side welcomed the proposals and promised to study all the observations received and find quick solutions to the complaints raised, and to study providing concessions to business leaders. They also discussed the best ways for the return of Italian companies to invest and partner with the Libyan private sector as well as the importance of the LBC’s digital business platform in providing the information and assistance needed by potential investors.

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