Libya’s Health Ministry creates first electronic system to manage treatment internally and abroad

By Sami Zaptia.

(Libya’s Ministry of Health logo).

Tripoli, 27 November 2021:

Libya’s Ministry of Health announced Thursday the completion of the first electronic system for managing, following up and implementing treatment procedures inside and outside Libya.

The Ministry said the system will allow citizens to obtain treatment assignments electronically, in addition to the procedures for receiving and submitting complaints from citizens about treatment.

If the system succeeds it will be an important milestone in Libya’s health system. In particular, state-sponsored health treatment abroad has been rife with corruption costing the state tens if not hundreds of millions in hard currency.

The corruption has been committed by Libyans and foreign health providers often conspiring against the Libyan state together to inflate bills.

An electronic health management system should help provide more cost-effective treatment and value for money.

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