Libya and Shell discuss several areas of cooperation

By Sami Zaptia.

Libya’s Ministry of Oil and Gas.

Tripoli, 1 December 2021:

Oil giant Shell and Libya discussed several areas of cooperation in developing the country’s energy sector and Shell’s return to Libya.

Libya’s Oil and Gas Ministry reported today that discussions between Shell and Oil Minister Mohamed Aoun revolved around:

  • Exploration for oil and gas in the onshore Sirte and Ghadames basins, in addition to the offshore Cyrenaica basin.
  • Development of existing oil fields,
  • Achieving a new oil and gas infrastructure,
  • Development of a solar energy project south of the Sirte Basin
  • Redevelopment of old fields such as block NC-174 in Murzuq Basin, and development of new fields, including the Ain Al-Jerbi field.
  • In general, the company’s plan is to try to invest in oil and gas in Libya after its tendency to reduce investment in fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Ministry reported that the reassurance given by the Minister to the high-level delegation that the country is stable and that the company can return to work in it had a great impact on the return of this giant company, all in accordance with the Libyan government’s encouragement of foreign companies to invest in Libya.

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