About 150 delegates to attend Djerba’s Tunisian-Libyan Investment Forum from 4-5 December

By Sami Zaptia.

The SCTLB is organizing a Tunisian-Libyan investment forum in Djerba from 4 to 5 December (Photo: SCTLB).

Tripoli, 3 December 2021:

About 150 delegates representing mainly Tunisian, Libyan and Algerian companies will be gathering in the southern Tunisian town of Djerba from 4 to 5 December to attend the Tunisian-Libyan Investment Forum, under the supervision of the Djerba office of the Supreme Council of Tunisian-Libyan Businessmen (SCTLB).

The SCTLB says the aim of the forum is that it will represent a new outlet for Tunisia and Tunisian businessmen to boost investment in Tunisia and a platform that opens horizons for Tunisian businessmen in Libya to boost the Tunisian economy.


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