Attorney General’s Office reveals details of 2,845 serious crimes investigated over last four years

By Sami Zaptia.

The Attorney General / Public Prosecutor’s Office (Logo: AG/PPO).

Tripoli, 6 December 2021:

The Attorney General’s Office revealed yesterday some details of the most serious 2,845 crimes investigated over the last four years.

The revelation came after the Attorney General held a meeting yesterday with members of the Public Prosecution working in the committee conducting the investigation of the facts assigned to the persons who were arrested by the elements of the Deterrence Apparatus to Combat Organized Crime and Terrorism.

The meeting touched on the obstacles that prevented the completion of investigations, in particular the outcome of the lawsuits brought to the judiciary to demand the prosecution of the perpetrators of the criminal acts.

The Attorney General stressed the necessity of addressing the legal positions of all arrested persons, before the end of 2021 with final judicial decisions to be concluded before the end of March 2022.

The most prominent crimes

The Attorney General’s Office revealed that the most prominent crimes out of the 2,845 cases were:

  • 296 murder cases.
  • 80 cases of belonging to the banned state organization.
  • 179 cases of kidnapping and denial of freedom.
  • 701 cases of embezzlement and illegal gain.
  • 388 cases of possession and trafficking in narcotics, psychotropic substances and alcohol.


The Attorney General’s Office revealed that judgments have been issued in a number of cases brought against the perpetrators of the above-mentioned acts, the most severe of which are:

  • Judgment to lower the limit in 9 cases.
  • The death sentence in 12 cases.
  • Life imprisonment in 3 cases.
  • Sentence of imprisonment from 3 to 10 years in 86 cases.

It also revealed that those released during the period exceeded 2,150 people.

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