HoR calls for session to be held in Tobruk tomorrow to discuss the elections

By Sami Zaptia.

(Logo: Tobruk HoR).

Tripoli, 6 December 2021:

The House of Representatives (HoR) today called for a session to be convened tomorrow at its Tobruk headquarters.

It reported that the session will be held to discuss ‘‘the latest developments in the election process’’.

The calling for the session, and at very short notice, has led to much speculation in Libyan media especially after High National Elections Commission (HNEC) head Emad Sayeh revealed to Libyan media he was travelling to the HoR, reportedly, to meet HoR head and presidential candidate Ageela Saleh.

The speculation ranges from Sayeh being told off for his interpretation of the HoR’s election laws or his running of HNEC during the lead up to the 24 December elections.

But there is also speculation that the HoR seeks to postpone the elections or that Sayeh is the one seeking the postponement from the HoR.

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