Tripoli Chamber of Commerce begins receiving entries in the competition for the best Libyan product

By Sami Zaptia.

(Logo: TCCI).

London, 5 January 2022:

The Tripoli Chamber of Commerce announced yesterday that it has begun receiving entries in the competition for the best Libyan product.

The Chamber said this comes as part of its drive to revive and develop the agricultural and industrial sector to achieve self-sufficiency on the one hand and to focus on the quality of production to reach the global markets on the other hand.

The Chamber says it aims to schedule a regular annual day for the evaluation of the best products and the celebration of these products and of this occasion.

The competition categories are:

* The best agricultural product

* The best industrial food product

* Other best industrial products

* Best Libyan commercial product

A specialized committee in the field of production quality will evaluate the products entered in the competition, and a certificate will be given by the Tripoli Chamber, in addition to an in-kind prize.

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