Libyan Airlines targets half of all international flights for 2014

Libyan Airlines . . .[restrict]is planning to carry 1.5 million passengers in 2014 (Photo: Tom Westcott)

Tripoli, 2 April 2013:

Libyan Airlines is hoping to bag 50 percent of Libya’s international flights in 2014 by carrying a planned 1.5 million passengers.

In 2012, the state airline flew upwards of 1,225,000 passengers, amounting to 45 percent of the country’s international air travellers and 76 percent of all domestic passengers.

Fleet expansion with the delivery of five new aircraft during 2013 means that Libyan Airlines is expecting to move some 1,350,000 passengers this year. This should raise their market share to almost 50 percent of international passengers and 80 percent of local passengers.

The carrier is hoping that the current ban on both Libyan and fellow state airline Afriqiyah Airways flying their own aircraft in EU airspace will soon be lifted. The ban prevents either airline from using its own planes and flight-deck crew in EU airspace. Both airlines are wet-leasing planes and staff to service some of their routes. [/restrict]

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