Ajdabiya councillors demand dismissal of Salem Jadhran as mayor

By Libyah Herald reporters.


Ajdabiya councillors demand removal of Salem Jadhran as mayor (Photo: Social media)

Tripoli, 26 June 2016:

Three of Ajdabiya’s municipal councillors have called for the mayor, Salim Jadhran, brother of Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG) leader Ibrahim Jadhran, to be sacked.

Speaking today, the three – Embarek Al-Mugherbi, Sayd Al-Zwai and Jibril Al-Ghabili – said that Salem was using his position as mayor of the town for personal gain. Pledging their support for the House of Represntatives and the Thinni administration in Beida, they also said that they objected to Jadhran’s talks in Tripoli four weeks ago with Faiez Serraj and members of the Government of National Accord (GNA).

“We refuse to recognise anyone related to the Libyan [Islamic] Fighting Group or the Muslim Brotherhood,” they said.

The political establishment in the east accuse the GNA of being dominated by the Brotherhood as well as by Misrata.

It is reported that the move to sack Jadhran has the support of the Zwai tribe and a large section of the Magharba tribe, the two dominant tribes in the area. The move is part of the larger power struggle to control Ajdabiya taking place between the Libyan National Army, led Khalifa Hafter, and Ibrahim Jadhran and the PFG.

Under the local govenment law which set up the municipalities, a mimimum of four councillors are required in any vote of no confidence sacking a mayor. The three councillors claimed to have the support of other councillors but did not name them.

The three also said they wanted the administrative head of the municipality Fathi Al-Harnah to be sacked and called on local government minister in the Thini administration to replace him.

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