Tebu body rejects Rome deal with Tuareg and Awlad Suleiman

By Libya Herald staff.

Kufra, 6 April 2017:

The National Tebu Assembly (NTA) has rejected the Tebu-Tuareg-Awlad Sulieman peace deal signed in Rome at the end of last month, criticising what it said was blatant intervention by Italy in Libyan internal affairs.

One of those who helped draw up the NTA statement said that those Tebus who had signed the Rome deal did not represent the Tebu community. They were from Qatrun, he said, while the clashes from 2011 to 2015 between Tuareg and Tebus and between Tebus and the Awlad Suleiman occurred in Obari, Sebha and Murzuk.

Last month’s peace deal was the second to be brokered in Rome involving the Tebus and the Tuareg. An initial peace deal was sponsored by the Italian Sant’Egidio community in April 2016. Last month’s deal bringing in the Awlad Suleiman and mentored by Presidency Council member Abdelsalam Kajman is said to have been fully backed by the Italian Foreign Ministry.

Saying that it understood Italy’s need to control the growing tide of migrants coming from Libya, the NTA added that this did not give Rome the right to intervene in Libyan internal affairs or disregard the official channels where the Italian government could lend a help.

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