IS slays two in ambush on Third Force convoy

By Libya Herald reporters.

Tripoli, 8 May 2017:

Remnants of the so-called Islamic State (IS) killed two fighters from the Misrata-led Third Force and injured another three others in an ambush between Jufra and Sirte.

IS are reported to have set to up a fake checkpoint on Saturday and shot up a bus carrying an  number of Third Force personnel who were heading for Misrata. The terrorists then fled into the desert.

The ambush came the Bunyan Marsous Operations Room (BM) posted pictures  of their troops patrolling south of Sirte. They also once again complained of a lack of support from the UN-backed government.

Though IS was ousted by BM forces from its Sirte stronghold last December, a small number of terrorists is thought to be moving around in the desert generally away urban areas.

Locals from a handful of isolated villages in the south have reported Salafist fighters moving in briefly and shutting down the internet, though these groups are not necessarily IS.

In January US airstrikes killed as many as a hundred IS fighters at two camps 28 miles southwest of Sirte.

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