Fuel crisis committee order curfew for truck drivers

By Libya Herald staff.

Tunis, 10 May 2017:

The powerful fuel and gas crisis committee has ordered truck drivers not to undertake deliveries or drive their trucks on public roads between 11 pm to 6 am. It has also told guards at checkpoints to arrest any fuel tank drivers found disobeying the order and to deliver them to the nearest police station.

The reason for the action, it says, is to prevent fuel being stolen and smuggled out of the country.

Last month the committee, set up in 2015 to deal with major shortages of petrol and bottled gas in Tripoli, claimed its efforts to combat smuggling fuel from Libya had resulted in a 95-percent drop on the amount of fuel leaving the country illicitly.

At the beginning of last month, it launched what it called “Operation Mediterranean Storm” to counter the smuggling of fuel by sea.

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