Mitiga airport closed by internal militia fighting

By Libya Herald reporters.

Mitiga Airport was closed today (Photo: Libya Herald)

Mitiga Airport was closed today (Photo: Libya Herald)

Tripoli, 5 July 2017:

Mitiga airport has been shut today as fighting rages between rival members of the same militia.

Yesterday an RPG fired during the violence killed a family of five on the beach.

The health ministry said this morning that 32 people had so far been injured.

The fighting is between rival members of the Buni Brigade which controls the airport terminal building. It is understood that there had been a falling out over the distribution of the income the militia earns from goods and passengers passing through the terminal.

The original dispute started when one Buni Brigade member was killed by another, at which point the two different factions set on each other.

Yesterday it was reported that men from the Haytham Tajouri’s Tripoli Revolutionaries’ Brigade had been sent to Mitiga. It is now being said that forces from Abdul Rauf Kara’s Rada Special Deterrence Force were seeking to intervene.

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