Benghazi militants still holding out two months after Hafter’s victory speech

By Libya Herald reporters.

Sidi Akribesh where tis evening a handful of militants was surrounded (Photo: supplied)

Sidi Akribesh where a handful of militants is holding out (Photo: supplied)

Tripoli, 10  September 2017:

More than two months after Khalifa Hafter announced victory over militants in Benghazi, a group is still holding out in Sabri’s Sidi Akhribesh district and still inflicting casualties on the Libyan National Army (LNA).

The city’s Jalaa hospital is reported to have said that during August four more soldiers died and 66 were wounded. Some had been flown abroad for treatment.

The LNA continues to insist, as it did two months ago, that the surviving militants were confined to a few small buildings in the district.

An LNA spokesman said on Saturday that soldiers had now hemmed the fighters into “a narrow space and the only options they have are either surrender or die”.

The majority of casualties, he said, has been caused by landmines, IEDs and unexploded ordnance. He added however that snipers were still active on rooftops.

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