Gunmen block Tripoli-Sebha road in new bid to force release of Mabrouk Ahnish

By Libya Herald reporter.

Alleged plotted Mabruk Juma Sultan Ahnish (Photo: Rada)

Mabrouk Juma Sultan Ahnish (Photo: Rada)

Tunis, 23 October 2017:

The armed group that last week cut off the water supply to Tripoli in a bid force the release of its leader has carried its threat to cut the road from Sebha to the capital – albeit temporarily.

Yesterday, vehicles were stopped on the road south of Sherwif. They were ordered to take the alternative but far longer route via Sukna and Waddan. However, later in the day the road was reopened to traffic.

The gunmen involved, members of a Brak Al-Shatti armed group led by Al-Mabrouk Ahnish, last week turned off the valves on the Man-Made River (MMR) pipeline, in an attempt to compel the Rada (“Deterrence”) forces in the Tripoli to release him. He was arrested along with a Sudanese colleague while in the Wirshefana district west of the capital at the beginning of last week and handed over to Rada.

In response, Mabrouk’s brother, Khalifa warned that he would blow up the MMR pipeline as well as the gas pipeline feeding into the Greenstream line to Italy and block the Sebha-Tripoli road. So far he has blocked the water and the road, although as far as the water supply is concerned he merely turned off the valves. There are, however, unconfirmed reports today that the control room at the Shwerif station  controlling the power to the pumps on the MMR has been on fire.

There is no news about the gas pipeline.

Mabrouk Ahnish continues to be held at Mitiga airbase by Rada.



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