Presidency Council minister survives second Benghazi attack

By Libya Herald reporters.

Gaem arriving Benghazi on 1 September (File photo)

Faraj Al-Gaem arriving in Benghazi on 1 September (File photo)

Benghazi, 10 November 2017:

Faraj Al-Gaem, the Government of National Accord’s (GNA) deputy minister of the interior has been attacked  in Benghazi for the second time in a week.

At least three people were killed  this afternoon and several injured by four mortar rounds aimed at the interior ministry building in the Budzira district of the city. It is unclear if Gaem was inside when the missiles struck but he  is reported to have been unharmed.

On Sunday Gaem also escaped injury when a car bomb exploded as his vehicle passed a restaurant in Benghazi’s Sidi Khalifa district. Seven people were hurt in the blast including six of his bodyguards.

A member of the Awagir tribe which is prominent in Benghazi, Gaem’s appointment by Presidency Council (PC) head Faiez Serraj was seen as a direct challenge to armed forces commander in chief, Khalifa Hafter, to whom he had once been allied.

After Gaem flew into Benghazi from Tunis on 1 September Hafter ordered that all instructions issued by Gaem should be ignored.

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