President Council and HoR added to those lambasting Eshtewi murder

By Libya Herald reporter.

Tunis, 18 December 2017:

Condemnation has grown over the assassination of the Mohamed Eshtewi, the mayor of Misrata, with the Presidency Council (PC) and House of Representatives (HoR) among those issuing statements.

The PC stressed that the security services were hunting for those involved and that they “would not escape punishment”.

In such dark times, the PC urged Libya to remain united against “the forces of evil, oppression and aggression of terrorism and networks of organised crime,” and those who spread hatred with their actions.

The statement praised Eshtewi, describing him as “symbol of moderation and tolerance”. The PC also warned that Eshtewi’s killing could unleash a new wave of violence. if such actions continued, it said, the alternative to a strong Libya “is armed chaos”.

It has also been announced that the Misrata Security Directorate is to form a team tasked with investigating the murder. Spokesman Mohamed Ben Al-Amin urged people to use restraint and avoid accusing factions without evidence.

The HoR has also condemned the assassination, calling it a “cowardly terrorist act”. It has decribed Eshtewi a man known “for his rejection of terrorism and extremism”.

Condolences have been pouring in to Misrata municipal council, from organisations including state electricity company GECOL and the National Forces Alliance, from tribal leaders and from individuals.  Municipal condolences have come from Benghazi, Nalut, Zawia and Sirte among others.

Meanwhile, the French foreign ministry said the “cowardly act” illustrated why there was an urgent need for a political solution.

The Turkish foreign ministry uttered similar sentiments describing the “heinous assassination” as an attempt to destabilise Libya and Misrata.

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