Beida government’s Awqaf and Islamic affairs department warns against celebrating Christmas


By Libya Herald reporter.

Benghazi awqaf

Benghazi Awqaf warning (Photo: Social media)

Tunis, 21 December 2017:

The Awqaf (religious endowments) and Islamic Affairs Administration in the eastern-based interim government has told imams to warn people against celebrating Christmas and New Year.

Calling the sharing with non-Muslims their celebrations a “sin”, it said that believers must not send Christmas cards, greetings or gifts and must not have any Christmas decorations such as trees, bells or other objects.

“Imams and preachers, it is your duty to warn Muslims in Friday prayers, on radios and TV, not to take part in these celebrations,” stressed the announcement.

The same Awqaf administration caused fury last July among Libya’s Amazigh community damning Ibadi Muslims as infidels and “Kharijites”. There was condemnation from the Supreme Amazigh Council which accused it of inciting genocide against the Amazigh community.

Many of Libya’s Amazigh are Ibadis.

The eastern Awqaf administration based in Benghazi which, like the  Dar al Ifta in Tripoli, is in the hands of Salafists, has also denounced Sufis as “grave worshippers”.

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