Italy investigates obstacles to improved penetration of Libyan market

By Sami Zaptia.

Italy seeks to understand barriers to increased penetration of Libyan market (Photo: Tripoli Chamber of Commerce).

London, 13 August 2020:

Italy sought to understand the obstacles to better penetration of the Libyan market. The investigation took the form of an economic conference on Tuesday organized jointly by the Libyan Union of Chambers of Commerce and Tripoli Chamber of Commerce at the latter’s headquarters.

Besides the members of the Chamber of Commerce, the event was attended by business leaders in the presence of the Commercial Attaché of the Italian Embassy.

Obstacles facing Libyan business leaders in Italy were also discussed headed by the perennial prickly issue of the issuance of visas to business leaders through the Italian embassy, Tripoli.

For its part, the Italian Consulate in Tripoli announced its readiness to grant business leaders, traders and companies all facilities, in terms of travel and customs procedures, and cooperation in the fields of Italian investment in Libya.

The event can be seen through the lens of Italy trying to push back against the ever-growing recent Turkish encroachment on its traditional commercial backyard.

On 20 July, the GNA’s customs department agreed to outsource cargo tracking to a Turkish company, SCK. The decision is seen as another small victory for Turkey over Italy.



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