Zallaf Oil surveys Atshan field, airstrip and future gas export line

By Sami Zaptia.

Logo: Zallaf Libya Oil and Gas

London, 24 September 2020:

Zallaf Libya Oil and Gas reported yesterday that it has surveyed its concession MN210, which includes Atshan field and other fields currently under development. The status of previously drilled wells, various other facilities, including the airstrip, interfaces of concession area and the topographic nature of the area – were also assessed.

The possible routes for a future gas export line to feed the Obari gas-fuelled power plant at a pumping rate of about 150 million cubic feet per day, was also reviewed.

The company said these steps are part of the current practical efforts by it and the National Oil Corporation to develop oil and gas stocks in the concession area.

Zallaf pointed out that it has already contracted with an international company to study the development of the field after it was made one of its strategic projects for 2020.


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